Enter the December Creative Challenge to Win Money for Your Marketing Budget

As our November Creative Challenge winners, the Colonial Athletic Association and the Miami Hurricanes will receive donations to their marketing budgets. If you want a chance at taking home a prize this season, be sure to share what you’re doing in the Women’s Basketball Facebook Group, tweet me @TracieHitz or send an email to thitz@ncaa.org. To be one of our “Moments of the Month” winners, check out the categories below and be sure to use #WhatItsAllFour so we can also track your ideas via social media. We will also be giving away prizes randomly throughout the season when we see something that is oozing creativity.

December – Travel
Let’s have some fun as your teams are traveling during the holiday season.  Share cheesy holiday cards, road trip adventures and more using #WhatItsAllFour.

January – New Year’s Resolutions
Share your team’s goals and ask your fans what they are trying to accomplish this year too. Maybe you’ll even see a way to pay it forward with your fans. For example, if several fans vowed to lose weight, invite them to a workout with your trainer or tweet them inspirational messages to keep them motivated. It’s fun to surprise fans, so use #WhatItsAllFour so we can be part of the fun.  Of course, check with your Compliance Office before implementing your creative idea!

February – Spread the Love
We love that women’s basketball programs are so dedicated to community service, so share the ways that your team has gotten out in your community this season. Tag your tweets with #WhatItsAllFour so we can gather all of these incredible moments in one place.

March – The Dance
After the Selection Show on Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m. EST, post videos (tagging them with #WhatItsAllFour) of your teams dancing in celebration of making it into the field of 64 for the 2016 Women’s Basketball Championship. For the wildcard winner in March, we will be taking extra consideration for teams who participate in “Dribble to Work Day” on March 14th as well. Tag your videos with #WhatItsAllFour for a chance to win a donation to your marketing budget, and maybe your team will end up on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays like the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos.

If you have questions about how you can win the Creative Challenge this season, email me at thitz@ncaa.org.


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