Take a Listen To The “Understanding and Marketing the Rule Changes” Webinar Recording

With every change comes opportunity, so we are looking forward to all the fun that’s ahead for Women’s Basketball with the rule changes that go into effect this season.  To ensure that everyone understands the rules and the potential opportunities that come along with them, the NCAA hosted the webinar “Understanding and Marketing the Women’s Basketball Rule Changes” on Tuesday.  If you missed the webinar, or loved it so much that you want to watch it again, please click here for the full recording or visit the WBB Facebook group to download the power point presentation.

One of the suggestions that came up during the webinar was to create a concise one-sheet explanation that can be distributed to the media as well as fans, so we will be working on that so you have before the season.  If there are other ideas you have that might help you spread the word about the rule changes, please let us know.  Also, if you have any questions about the topics covered in the webinar, please reach out to us any time.

Amanda Benzine, abenzine@ncaa.org (In-Venue Presentation)
Tracie Hitz, thitz@ ncaa.org (Marketing)
Rick Nixon, rnixon@ncaa.org (Media)
Rachel Seewald, rseewald@ncaa.org (Rules)
Jared Thompson, jlthompson@ncaa.org (Social Media)

Save the date for our next webinar on Thursday, August 27 at 1 pm EST.


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