UNC Asheville Wins Best Pink Game Promotion; Belmont Earns The Wildcard

February was another great Creative Challenge with schools battling against cancer as part of the battle to be win “Best Pink Game”.  Congratulations to UNC Asheville for its Fashion Show and Women’s Expo planned around its women’s basketball game last month.

UNC Asheville

In addition, to raising money for the Kay Yow Foundation, UNC Asheville incorporated the local program, Ladies Night Out, that provides mammograms to those who can’t afford them.  They also partnered with a local department store for the postgame fashion show, local businesses for the pregame expo and a women’s magazine to help promote the event.  Student-athletes modeled for the fashion show and the clothes the coaches wore at the game were auctioned off after the game.  A unique way to bring the community together for a great cause.

With all of the creative entries for Best Pink Game, the February Wildcard winner goes to Belmont for its Valentine’s Day Pink Game promotion that had a great gimmick that garnered some attention.  They invited a marathon runner to run on a treadmill in the arena throughout the “Think Pink” doubleheader who ran 31 miles over four hours. Fans could win prizes by guessing how far he would run during the doubleheader.


Congratulations to UNC Asheville and Belmont for their creativity in an effort to raise money and awareness for a cause so close to the women’s basketball community.  Each school will receive a donation to their women’s basketball marketing budget to continue growing the game.

We have one more opportunity for you to win and the final challenge will award two schools that increased attendance this season.  We’re not looking for the school that had the largest increase, we want to hear from everyone who increased attendance and hear just how you did it.  The winners will be selected based on the overview submitted recapping their strategy for the season and the creativity that went into implementing it.  Send your entries to Erin at evarley@ncaa.org by March 31 for your chance to win.  The winners will be announced during the semifinal games in Tampa Bay on Sunday, April 5.

Past Creative Challenge Winners
Best Poster: Marquette Women’s Basketball
Wildcard: Cal Women’s Basketball Team Website

Best Video: Baylor Women’s Basketball
Wildcard: Oklahoma Sherri Coale’s 400th Win

Best Holiday Promotion: Drake Cross Promotion Clinic
Wildcard: Mississippi State Grassroots Marketing

Best Community Initiative: Iowa State Healthy Living
Wildcard: Miami Mascot Hugs


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