Women’s Basketball Teams Encourage Fans To Play Nice

In the spirit of coming together to promote women’s basketball, the NCAA teamed up with USF for a soft launch of a social media campaign with the hopes of it gaining traction throughout the Women’s Basketball Championship.  With initiatives like Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign and Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets intended to encourage positivity on social media, USF’s #PlayNice campaign encourages people to, well, play nice.

The Bulls are encouraging fans to tweet nice things about themselves, friends and even opponents using #PlayNice now and throughout the Women’s Basketball Championship. Sharing something that people like about you, retweeting a message that made you proud or posting a nice tweet about someone else is empowering.  But often times, women are uncomfortable talking about their success.

“We hold ourselves back not just out of fear of seeming too aggressive but also by underestimating our abilities. Ask a woman to explain why she’s successful and she’ll credit luck, hard work, and help from others. Ask a man the same question and he’s likely to explain, or at least think, “C’mon, I’m awesome!””Sheryl Sandberg via The Today Show

Check out the USF Women’s Basketball Team’s first crack at reading nice tweets, which was released a few days before Maroon 5 was scheduled to play just a few miles away from the USF campus at Amalie Arena, home of the 2015 Women’s Final Four.  Lead singer, Adam Levine, is also on a mission for people to #PlayNice based on the tweet he posted in December:

Adam Levine tweet


We hope you’ll join in the #PlayNice campaign to inspire fans across the country.  Just record your women’s basketball team reading nice tweets and post them on Twitter using #PlayNice, and be sure to ask your fans to be part of the conversation too so we can all hear why they are “awesome!”  For more information, tweet (@TracieHitz) or email me thitz@ncaa.org.

USF PlayNice Facebook



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