“It’s The Creative Challenge” Winners Announced For October

Thank you to everyone who entered the first Creative Challenge of the season.  We had almost 30 entries for best poster (you can check out all of the entries on the WBB Marketing Facebook Group),  It was a close race, but the winner, based on peer voting in the Facebook group, is … Marquette University.

marquette poster

While most people picked up on the story behind the poster, Greg Cronkite shares more insight:

“We went through a coaching change this summer, and hired former Marquette great Carolyn Kieger. During her introductory press conference she said “Marquette was my past, and now it’s part of my present and my future”. We wanted to incorporate this into the marketing theme for the season, and include it on the poster. Besides the immediate connection of Coach Kieger coming back to coach her Alma Mater, this also instills a wider sense of family among the program and the Marquette community, since all players/fans/staff from the past are all part of the history together, are in this as one in the present and will all help to shape the future of Marquette. Visually we wanted to feature the entire team in a way that stood out. The bright colors of the players stand out against a faded background, and the visual of seeing the players all among the word MARQUETTE help bring together the team aspect of everyone coming together to join as one.  We Are. Marquette.” – Greg Cronkite, Marquette


Congrats, to Greg and Marquette! They will be receiving a $1,500 donation to the Women’s Basketball marketing budget, as well as a gift just for Greg for accepting the creative challenge.  In addition to the poster category, we also have a wildcard prize each month for a creative idea that catches our eye.  This month, ThisIsCallBasketball.com is the winner because of the focus on telling the story of the Women’s Basketball team.  Building relationships with your fans is one of the best ways to create a strong support system for your program, which makes selling tickets a whole lot easier. The platform doesn’t have to be as in-depth as Cal’s in order to duplicate the same strategy.  You just need to give fans a look inside your program.  Because of Cal’s creativity with telling the story, the Bears will also receive a $1,500 donation to their Women’s Basketball marketing budget.

“What I love about thisiscalbasketball.com is that it captures more than just game day,” Lindsay Gottlieb said. “It captures the essence of the people and the process we all undertake together. Through photos, audio and video, you get to meet our student-athletes in their element. What emerges is a wonderfully authentic glimpse into the diverse, strong, sensitive, funny, tough (the adjectives are endless!) group of young women that make up our team. This really is Cal Basketball, and we want people to use our website to stay connected to our journey.” (see the whole story on the Cal Bears website).

cal basketball

Next up, “It’s The Creative Challenge” is focusing on the best videos.  This can be the intro video, TV commercial, videoboard spot, social media video, etc.  Just show us how you are promoting your team through video, and you’ll have the chance to win a donation to your marketing budget, and a little something for yourself.  To enter, please send the YouTube link of your video to Erin via email: evarley@ncaa.org by 11:59 pm EST on November 14.  The voting will again be tallied via the Facebook group beginning on November 17.

Best Video:
Entries accepted November 1-14, 2014
Voting November 17-21, 2014

Best Holiday Promotion:
Entries accepted December 1, 2014-January 2, 2015
Voting January 5-9, 2015

Best Community Outreach Initiative:
Entries accepted January 12-30, 2015
Voting February 2-6, 2015

Best Pink Game:
Entries accepted February 9-27, 2015
Voting March 2-6, 2015

Attendance Increase:
Attendance recaps submitted by March 31, 2015
Winner announced during the semi-final games in Tampa Bay on April 5, 2015

Each month will also have a wildcard selection for a creative idea that stands out overall so the more the schools share, the better their chances are to win. For more information about the challenge, please email me, Tracie Hitz, at thitz@ncaa.org.





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