Question of the Week – Gameday Entertainment

I hope everyone who was able to attend the NACMA Convention in Orlando had a great trip and it left you feeling re-energized for the upcoming year.  Similar to many of you on campus, at the NCAA we are using the summer to evaluate our Championships so we can continue to find ways to make them better. 

In an effort to provide more flexibility and entertainment at our Women’s Basketball preliminary rounds, we hope you can share some of your favorite, most-well received halftime games and contests from your game productions.  We are looking for options that hosts can implement in 3-5 minutes without too many moving parts/props, so if you have ideas we would love to hear them, whether it is one or twenty.  You can use the comment section below to share with the masses or you can email me, Carrie Snyder, directly at by Monday, July 7.  Thank you in advance for your input, as well as for everything you do to help make our Championships a success. 


One thought on “Question of the Week – Gameday Entertainment

  1. Tracie! The Olate Dogs from America’s Got Talent (winners a few years ago) came to the Palumbo Center for us this past year and everyone LOVED them. If anyone needs information on them, let me know. They were fun, upbeat, super easy to work with but did require some electricity and water hook-ups (to take care of the pooches of course). We’ve also used Simon Sez which was hilarious (interactive halftime act with fans) as well as the always entertaining Red Panda. We only have professional halftime acts, though, if they are paid for by a sponsor.

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