The Gamecocks #WBBTweetWk Gets Fans Talking And Following

Last week was “Tweet Week” for @GamecockWBB, which was a seven-day push to reach 5,000 followers by Sunday, February 2, an increase of 900 over that time.  Setting a deadline with a challenge is a great way to get a response, and they also threw in a prize to incentivize fans if they reach the goal.  Clutch.

They created exclusive content each day with the team along with more chances to win through photo contests, trivia, scavenger hunts and more.  One of my favorite promotions they created was tweeting a location for fans to pick up free tickets.  Shaq used to do this with great success and garnered lots of attention.  It got people talking, which is what social media is all about.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 7.34.02 PM

The Gamecocks also created a social suite for their game against Missouri on the final day of Tweet Week.  Twelve followers were selected to sit in the suite and tweet about the game, which is an easy way to get your fans to spread your message via social media.  If you have something interesting to say, people can hear it even when you’re not the one saying it.  In fact, it’s usually more effective when you’re not the one always doing the talking.  Just like real conversations, it has to go both ways, and the Gamecocks did that with #WBBTweekWK.

And it worked.  The women’s team walked away with another win in front of the biggest crowd of the season, 7,828.  This promotion was an extension of the department’s overall “Drive for 5” attendance campaign, which is another great move by Eric Nichols and his crew at South Carolina.

What is your best social media promotion? Was it part of a bigger campaign or a stand alone promotion?  Share your experiences below or tweet me using #WBBmarketing.

Tracie Hitz has 16 years of experience working in the sports industry, which includes college, professional, agency and association.  If you want to be a guest blogger, email her at, and join the conversation on Twitter (@TracieHitz), using #WBBmarketing throughout the year.


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