If You Do Something Well, Tell Everyone

A few weeks ago, I asked the Women’s Basketball marketing contacts in college athletics to send along the link to the recap about their Field Trip/Education Days for a story I’m writing.  I was excited to see so many schools are now doing this event on campus, but some schools wrote back saying they didn’t have a link to a story.  Their emails talked about how excited they were about the attendance, the atmosphere, the team’s reaction, etc., so I thought it was odd that they didn’t write about it.

I know the Communications Department usually handles the game stories, but when they work together with Marketing, I imagine it looks something like what this Iowa State game recap.  Here’s what I like about it:

– the video recap at the top of the article

– the headers with short paragraphs to keep the reader’s attention

– encouraging fans to discuss the turning point in the game on the Facebook page

– the bulleted list of the game highlights

– advertising the next game, including the game promotion “Color It Cardinal”

– featuring a fan’s tweet from the game, as well as telling fans how they can be selected next time

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 8.37.24 PM

One of the schools that did some bragging at the beginning of the game recap for Education Day is ODU, which set the attendance record at 8,086.  They majority of the article breaks down the game and the next game information doesn’t include upcoming promotions, but I like that they included their social media and newsletter sign up at the end of the article.

How do you work with your Communications staff to get your marketing initiatives included in the releases, on social media, etc.?  Share your best game recap in the comments below.

Tracie Hitz has 16 years of experience working in the sports industry, which includes college, professional, agency and association.  If you want to be a guest blogger, email her at TracieHitz@gmail.com, and join the conversation on Twitter (@TracieHitz), using #WBBmarketing throughout the year.


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